right angle miter gearbox

Model RAB-1, Right Angle Miter Gearbox - Detailed Drawing

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Right Angle Miter Gearbox Standard Features

  • Dimensions: right angle miter gear drive is 3-21/32" x 3-15/16" x 1-1/4" deep
  • 40% glass filled polypropylene
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Shafts: Ground high-tensile steel. Any shaft may be used as a drive.
  • Gears: Hardened coniflex straight miter gears
  • Bearings: Hardened steel ball bearings, permanent lubrication
  • Mounting: Three shaft mounting positions provide versatility in application
  • Versaitle: Three shaft connections are provided for versatility in application
  • RAB-1 may be operated CW, CCW or BACK driven
  • RAB-1 is rated at 1/3 HP at 1800 RPM. Maximum speed is 3000 RPM

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • Longer service life
  • Less wear
  • Greater tooth-to-tooth contact
  • Quieter operation
  • The most efficient power transfer design under rated load conditions

Custom Options

  • Stainless steel shaft (Please specify series stainless needed)
  • Longer shafts lengths on input and output
  • 2:1 Ratio
Performance Specifications All Models 
Gearing Zerol Miter Gear
Maximum Input Speed 1800 rpm
Gear Ratio 1:1 Ratio
Rated Input
Hp at 1800 rpm

Rated Output
Torque lbs-inch


Output Torque/RPM Curve

Click Here


Input/Output Configurations  
Single Input Shaft 3/8 Dia 0.375 +.000/-.001 Tol
Double or Single Output Shaft 3/8 Dia 0.375 +.000/-.001 Tol
Input Shaft Bearings Double Sealed Ball Bearing
Output Shaft Bearings Double Sealed Ball Bearing


General Specifications  
Weight 1.75 Lbs (0.8 Kg)
Dimension Chart Click Here
Download 3D Drawing  Click Here