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Carbon Steel Thrust Bearings,
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Carbon Steel Thrust Bearings,
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Stainless Steel Thrust Bearings,
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Stainless Steel Thrust Bearings,
Metric Dimensions


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Steel bearings have the disadvantages of higher weight, more friction, are susceptible to corrosion and priduce more noise than comparable plastic bearings. Plastic thrust bearings can be molded in any shape to meet your specific engineering requirements.

At Torque Transmission we combine high-grade balls with the self-lubricating property of nylon to reduce friction, reduce noise and increase durability. Our molding process yields thrust bearings that are very resistant to wear. These are the most economical longest lasting thrust bearings on the market today! We offer both OEM and quantity discounts on all of our products.

We manufacture high quality thrust bearings in a wide range of sizes - standard, metric and custom dimensions - to meet your specific application. Now available in 2" through 5" I.D. Contact us with your custom Thrust Bearing needs.

Cost Saving Features

  • Lightweight nylon retainer
  • Natural lubricity
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Extremely quiet operation.

High Quality Construction

  • Retainers are injection molded, heat stabilized 6/6 nylon held to a rigid design criteria assuring consistent quality
  • Hardened steel balls are grade 100 tolerance (±.0001", ±.0025mm)
  • The thrust washers are hardened finished to micro 10

Torque Transmission has developed thrust bearings for dozens of different markets and applications. Samples of our standard bearings are available for test purposes and prototypes.

Please visit our other product categories for the complete range of power transmission components including Speed Reducers, Timing Belt Pulleys, Poly v, and V-belt pulleys. Torque Transmission can serve as your single source for most of your power transmission requirements. Made in the U.S.A. Torque Transmission is ISO Certified .

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