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Broaching is a metalworking technique that passes a cutting tool, a broach, over or through the workpiece to remove material resulting in the desired form. Broaching gears is an efficient, precise way to machine internal gears.

7Broaching is most commonly used internally to shape a gear spline and teeth.

Broaching offers users advantages when used to shape gears.

Broaching is a fast, reliable machining process that produces precise parts. The precision that is achievable with broaching is especially efficient, increasing productivity significantly.

Another advantage of broaching gears is that broaching performs roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing in a single pass. A broaching tool may have twenty-five to fifty or more cutting teeth.  Each tooth is designed to remove metal in incremental amounts; with heavy cuts at the beginning of the process and finer and finer cuts made by the last twenty percent of the cutting teeth on the broach.

For pieces that do require multiple broaches to reach the finished form this process of refinement is simply carried out over multiple broaches.

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We have recently added broaching services to the machining processes we offer. In addition to standard broaching, we also provide custom broaches, broach grinding, and can sharpen and recondition your production broaches as well.

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This post was published on February 28, 2019 and updated on March 13, 2020.

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