What is a Thrust Bearing - White Paper

Bearings literally make the world go round.  They are called “bearings” because they “bear” the stress of an application’s moving parts.

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Small Dimension Thrust Bearings Proudly Made in America


Now, more than ever, where your parts are made makes a huge difference. With disruptions in the supply chain across the globe, buying  American Made is on everyone's mind. We thought this example from a few years ago was enlightening and hope you enjoy this re-posted article...

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Light Weight, Heat-Resistant Thrust Bearings

Torque-Topics-ThrustBearingsTorque Transmission is your source for non-metallic, fractional horsepower, motion control components. Our products excel in applications where light weight, heat resistance and survival in corrosive environments are important. 

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Our Thrust Bearings Have a New Color!

We’re excited to announce a change is coming to our line of thrust bearings.

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Real World Thrust Bearing Applications

Thrust bearings turn up in a lot of places. From valves to pressure gauges to surgical tools, thrust bearings make their way into a wide variety of industries and applications. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of companies that represent a vast array of thrust bearing applications so we thought we’d share with you some of those specific, real-world applications.

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Stainless Steel vs. Carbon Steel Bearings | What is The Difference?

Two common construction materials are carbon steel and stainless steel for bearings. Bearings are common machine elements that are designed to reduce the friction between moving parts and constrain motion to only the desired motion. Ball bearings and roller bearings ...

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Large Thrust Bearings Keep Rainbow Crossings Turning Smoothly

Seeking a reliable thrust bearing for a signature rotating product, Rainbow Crossings needed a supplier who could provide a thrust bearing with smooth, continuous action without large volume ordering requirements.

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Large Diameter Thrust Bearings

Designed to permit motion between two parts while supporting an axial load, thrust bearings  need to combine both strength and bearing life.  Most thrust bearings use all metal fabrication, for maximum strength, but all metal bearing retainer lack a number of benefits that our combination of nylon retainer and hardened carbon steel thrust bearing washers provide.

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Molded Nylon Thrust Bearings Offer Exceptional Durability

Torque-Solutions-ThrustBearingsEditor's note: This article was originally posted in October of 2016 and has recently been  revamped with up-to-date information in September 2020.

About Our Thrust Bearings

Cost Savings with Nylon Large Diameter Bearings


When using large diameter thrust bearings, typically they are heavy with large diameter balls or rollers and designed to handle a load of thousands of pounds. However, when you need a larger diameter thrust bearing and your thrust load ...

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