Nylon Roller Chain Sprockets

nylon roller chain sprockets

Seeking to provide high quality solutions for the power transmission and precision mechanical component industries, Torque Transmission manufactures a line of precision-engineered 

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What are Roller Chain Sprockets?

One of the questions we’ve run into from time to time is, “What are chain sprockets (or roller chain sprockets)?” Roller chain sprockets are, simply put, any wheel with teeth that mesh with a chain, although sometimes they are also run in conjunction with a track or other perforated material. Not to be confused with gears, a roller chain sprocket never mesh directly with other sprockets.

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Non Corrosive Roller Chain Sprockets

roller-chains.pngThe Importance of Construction Material

Torque Transmission roller chain sprockets are constructed with a glass reinforced nylon body. Glass reinforced nylon provides the overall design strength and durability, for long service life. However, unlike all metal designs, ...

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Roller Chain Sprockets Help Darko's Display See the Light of Day

geo_traxTorque Transmission faced a major challenge in its quest to effectively help Darko Inc., in Twinsburg, Ohio, demonstrate Darko’s latest point-of-purchase display -- Fisher-Price’s GeoTrax train system.

“Time was of the essence because initial orders for ...

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