Reinforced Nylon Replaces Aluminum in Custom Pulley System

A manufacturer of satellite and telecommunications equipment, developed a television reception satellite dish for mounting atop recreational vehicles. The design requires a system of three uniquely designed custom pulleys that govern the raising, lowering, and rotation of the dish.

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Small Dimension Thrust Bearings Proudly Made in America


Now, more than ever, where your parts are made makes a huge difference. With disruptions in the supply chain across the globe, buying  American Made is on everyone's mind. We thought this example from a few years ago was enlightening and hope you enjoy this re-posted article...

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Glass Reinforced Nylon Pulley Yields Superior Value-To-Cost Ratio

Carter Day, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of agricultural equipment, produces a particular grain dryer that utilized a 14.4 inch, diameter, 8mm HTD timing pulley to rotate the dryer. 

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Injection Molded Pulley Delivers for Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

Seeking a lower cost alternative to anodized, machined aluminum pulleys for its high-speed PunchPlus® Inserter, Unique Solutions®, Inc, needed design and manufacturing assistance in converting all pulleys in the inserter to FDA approved N6650 nylon.

The PunchPlus® Inserter has a drive mechanism which requires several, precision timing pulleys.  The pulleys were machined from aluminum bar stock and hard coat anodized.  This approach, however, ...

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Getting it Right the First Time: Custom Pulleys

custom nylon pulleys for RV satellite dishes

A manufacturer of satellite and telecommunications equipment developed a television reception satellite dish for mounting atop recreational vehicles. ...

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Porta on the Move with Torque V Belt Pulleys

We offer an extensive line of pulleys that can be found in many applications across a wide range of industries. One example of a popular application for pulleys is in elevators. In fact, Torque Transmission pulleys can be found as a central component in Porta Inc. elevators.

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Torque Transmission Right Angle Gearbox for Robot Used in "Smart" Assistive Wheelchair

Applied_Resources_Raptor_pixApplied Resources is a manufacturer of The Raptor, the first commercially available, FDA-approved “Smart” Assistive Robot. The Phybotics Division of Applied Resources Corp. introduced the Raptor Wheelchair Robot System in the year ...

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Molded Nylon Thrust Bearings Offer Exceptional Durability

Torque-Solutions-ThrustBearingsEditor's note: This article was originally posted in October of 2016 and has recently been  revamped with up-to-date information in September 2020.

About Our Thrust Bearings

Custom Right Angle Gearboxes for Midwest Motion Products Interview

Midwest Motion Products designs, manufactures, and distributes standard and custom motion control equipment, including fully reversible brushed and brushless DC gear motors, motors with fail safe brakes and servomotors with feedback devices such as analog tachometers and encoders.

We interviewed Marcus Cordes, Operations Manager at Midwest Motion Products, about ...

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Excelitas Technologies Thrust Bearing in Endoscopic Equipment

Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized optoelectronics to OEMs seeking high‐performance technology solutions. They recently debuted the LED Fiber Optic Illuminator Module, an exciting new addition to the Excelitas Technologies XLM Series, specifically ...

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