We recognize the requirement for sample Gear Reducer or Right Angle Drive for prototype testing as well as verification of quality and fit within your product.


Our focus is helping design engineers solve power transmission problems using our range of technical expertise, engineering know how, and manufacturing capabilities to make sure the customer has the right component to meet their design criteria.

Sometimes it makes economic sense to modify a standard gear box rather than compromise a design to accommodate a standard unit.  We pride ourselves on our ability to economically modify shaft lengths, shaft diameters or shaft material such as stainless steel to meet design criteria.

Our Standard Gear Drives available for samples:

  • SW-1 and SW-5 Worm Gear Reducer
  • RAB Right Angle Drive
  • RA Miniature Right Angle Drive

Please call us at 440-352-8995 to discuss your application and obtaining samples


Complete the sample request form on this page and we will quickly respond to your request.

Please Note, there may be a charge for a sample gear reducer or right angle drive.

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