Benefits of Metal Free Pulleys

While metal Timing Pulleys are by far the most common, metal free pulleys offer a number of advantages for situations where metal is a detriment.


Advantages of Metal Pulleys

When we think of pulley construction material it is easy to understand why metal timing pulleys are so common. Metal pulleys offer obvious strength benefits, making them ideal for high horsepower drive systems. Metal pulleys also have the advantage of being very easy to find.

That being said, there are a number of reasons why metal may not be preferable nor, even, an option.

Benefits of Metal Free Pulleys

Engineered plastics, and nylon timing pulleys in particular, offer a number of material advantages over their metal counterparts.


Nylon timing pulleys have a significant advantage over metal pulleys in the weight category. The specific gravity of Nylon is 1.3, aluminum is 2.7 and steel is 7.8.  This contributes to overall system weight reduction and if inertia is a factor, there is no other economical choice. Lower weight equals greater performance efficiency.

Non Corrosive and Chemical resistant

Nylon Timing Pulleys are both chemical and corrosion resistant in virtually all manufacturing environments.


Metal free, nylon pulleys also offer the advantage of being non-magnetic. Nonmagnetic applications are rare but in a high flux environment even aluminum will register, nylon will not

Additives in Nylon

The properties of a Nylon pulley can be improved with the addition of additives.  The addition of carbon removes any possibility of electrostatic discharge build up, Kevlar or carbon fibers to increase tensile strength or FDA approved material and resistant to bacterial buildup.

Nylon Timing Pulleys are Cost Effective

Nylon timing pulleys also outperform metal timing pulleys economically. They’re more cost effective to produce and in fractional horse power applications they have an enduring track record for reliability, both of which save you money.

Nylon Vs. Metal Pulleys

If you’d like to learn more about metal free pulleys, download the Nylon vs. Metal Pulleys whitepaper below. Contact us to learn more!                             


Download the Nylon vs. Metal Pulley Whitepaper

This post was published on February 11, 2016 and updated on February 11, 2016.

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