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In the world of manufacturing non-standard parts often equate to "custom" parts. Custom parts mean a whole host of things that a lot of manufacturers can't afford; things like special tooling, manufacturing, and processes. These special extras needed to create custom parts mean an extended lead time and, ultimately, increased prices.

For a lot of companies, creating custom parts is handled in exactly this way. At Torque Transmissions, however,  we have a different way of handling custom parts that makes better sense for our business and for our customers businesses.

At Torque Transmission we utilize a PULL production process. Pull-through production is characterized by smaller batches, quick responses to customer demands, and smooth product flow. This type of production is an example of lean manufacturing and is the reason why we are able to make orders to customer specifications.

What characterizes the type of lean manufacturing Torque Transmission utilizes?

  • No inventory: we make what is ordered
  • Same manufacturing process as is standard
  • Standardized tooling: we use our standard mold base system to make unique mold tooling, which results in a very quick set up
  • Customer’s due date places the order in the production schedule
  • Once an order is started it moves through the manufacturing process with no delays or queues

Pull-through production of this kind facilitates product customization because the products are made when they are ordered. This allows us to offer products that will meet a customer's needs, rather than offering standard products that may not meet the needs of a customer or do the job 100%.

Custom is Cost Effective

Our lean manufacturing strategy helps use make non-standard or custom parts in such a way that they are actually cost-effective. Where other companies are capable of creating custom parts, but at increased cost, our manufacturing process actually makes custom parts standard.

We manufacture custom versions of our timing belt pulleysvariable speed pulleys, multi-v pulleys, and round belt pulleys.

  • Lightweight: Very low start/stop inertia.
  • Cost-Effective: Approximately 50% less than aluminum pulleys.
  • Molded high strength, glass reinforced nylon
  • All nylon or with aluminum hubs
  • Durable - The resiliency of nylon is easy on belts
  • Strong, accurate, and quiet
  • Standard and Metric Sizes
  • Single or double flange
  • Set screw(s) and key way(s)
  • Made in USA

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