RA-400 Right Angle Gearbox

 General Specifications All Models
Material Aluminum / Stainless
Shaft Output Type Right Angle
Country of Origin USA
Max Input RPM 2,000
Ratio 1:1
Efficiency @ 1000 RPM 0.88%

Options Chart


RA-400 Models and 2D Drawings

Part Item Model 2D Drawing
75060 RA-409 2D Drawing
75062 RA-412 2D Drawing
75064 RA-416 2D Drawing
75066 RA-424 2D Drawing
75070 RA-M-409 2D Drawing
75072 RA-M-412 2D Drawing
75074 RA-M-416 2D Drawing
75076 RA-M-424 2D Drawing
1:1 Gearboxes, Uniquely rated so you can balance Torque to RPM to Life

Calculations are based on an application factor of 1.25. They apply to a medium impact drive turning a uniform load or a uniform drive turning a moderate impact load. Life Time figures shown are for guidance only. Testing in your application is required. You will need to assess duty cycles and confirm suitability with your own calculations.


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