About our Gearboxes and Speed Reducers

The SW-1SW-5 and RAB-1 right angle speed reducer cases are molded and glass-filled, making them extremely rugged and resistant to corrosive environments. Optional metal case is now offered for the Miniature Right Angle Helical Gear Drive.

Torque Transmission has a right angle gearbox and speed reducer to fit your needs. If

we don't, we'll modify or custom design a speed reducer for your application.


Current customer applications include:

  • Vending machines
  • Medical appliances and MRI machines
  • Overhead doors and window manufacturers
  • Conveyor manufacturers
  • Pack
    aging and food handling machinery
  • Printing equipment
  • Semi-conductor assembly machinery
  • Office equipment
  • Automated welding equipment
  • Surgical beds and tables

Torque Transmission's right angle gearboxes offer a wide  range of standard ratios and shaft options as well as customer driven custom designs.

  • Our application support is always available to help size the correct reducer for your product.
  • If your specification is different from our standard gearboxes, we will work with you toward a creative and economical custom solution.
  • All of our gear reducers are manufactured for high performance in a large spectrum of applications.
  • The SW-1, SW-5, and RAB-1 cases are molded, glass-filled material making them extremely rugged and resistant to corrosive environments.

Standard Right Angle Gearbox Features

  • All ratios equipped with right-hand worm gears
  • Load capacity unaffected by direction and rotation
  • Variety of mounting Options

Upon Request:

  • Left-Hand Gears
  • Stainless Steel Input/Output Shafts
  • Solid or Hollow Output Shaft 

right angle gearbox

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