What is a Timing Pulley?

A timing pulley is a cogged or cross-tooth pulley with the belt tooth matching the pulley tooth, much like a chain and sprocket. U.S. Rubber developed the first timing pulleys or synchronous pulleys and belts in the 1940s. As the name synchronous implies, timing pulleys were first used to keep two shafts in synchronous. It is in the last 60 years that the timing pulley and belt are considered a positive drive alternative to chain and a replacement for friction drives, such as V-belts.

We at Torque Transmission continue to improve upon this tradition with our time-tested, precise, and reliable timing pulley solutions.


Why Use a Timing Pulley?

Timing belts offer a broad range of innovative drivetrain solutions; these drives employ the positive engagement of two sets of meshing teeth. Hence, no slippage and almost no backlash, maintaining a constant speed ratio, all extremely important in any application and more so in automated machinery requiring indexing or sequencing.



Timing Pulleys come with many distinct advantages, such as…

  • Timing Pulley/Belts are a positive drive for the transfer of rotary mechanical force.
  • Low backlash drive, high resolution for motion control applications, as well as low maintenance for continuous operations
  • Positive drive for high torque load transmission applications, giving dependable service life, speed ratios, and low noise.
  • Efficient operation and repetitive, accurate positioning
  • Positive drive like a chain but without all the negative attributes of a chain, no lubrication, and quiet
  • Low-cost and low-mass alternative to a gear train
  • Positive acceleration and braking, with 99% efficiency
  • Timing belts do not stretch and require no lubrication.


Types of Timing Pulleys are Defined by Tooth Geometry and Pitch:

  • Trapezoidal tooth profile with pitch measured in inches.

    • MXL (0.080), XL (0.200), L (0.500)

    • Low cost

    • Very good positioning accuracy

  • Curvilinear tooth profile with pitch measured in millimeters.

    • HTD 3mm, 5mm, 8mm

    • GT3 2mm, 3mm, 5mm

      • Higher torque load per centimeter of belt width

      • Greater positioning accuracy


Trapezoidal Tooth Profile          Curvilinear Tooth Profile          

Torque Transmission's Timing Pulleys

Torque Transmission-Your Timing Pulley Supplier

At Torque Transmission, we understand the importance of precise and reliable power transmission in your systems. All our product’s profiles, widths, and pitch diameters align with MPTA and ARPM Standards.

Together, we can identify your timing pulley needs and then create tailored solutions to meet them.

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