COVID-19 Requires Many Innovative Solutions

Coronavirus-MedicalDevice-torqueWith the Coronavirus erupting across the globe, manufacturers need to ramp up production of medical devices and personal protective equipment. Items like ventilators, N95 masks, Covid-19 testing kits, and medical equipment are in extremely high demand and will be for the foreseeable future. For those device manufacturers in need of ...

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Torque Transmission to Remain Open During Covid-19 Outbreak


March 24, 2020

Dear Valued Customers:

On Sunday, March 22, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine issued an order to close all non-essential businesses. The Director's Stay at Home Order, Section 12, paragraphs q. and v. define essential business operations.

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Torque Transmission Sponsors Madison Science Club at Upcoming AWT Robobots Competition


Torque Transmission is all about helping the next generation of engineers and designers getting their careers started off on the right foot. We especially like to encourage those students from our local region to hone their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We’ve been involved for years in this mentorship as a business sponsor of ...

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Nevada High School Robotics Team Utilizes Torque Transmission Gearboxes


At Torque Transmission, we are always excited to see how our products are being used in real-world applications. Recently we were contacted by client John Richner from Boulder City, Nevada who serves as a mentor to the Boulder City High School FIRST Robotics Team. FIRST (which is an ...

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Broaching Gears Information | Torque Transmission

Broaching is a metalworking technique that passes a cutting tool, a broach, over or through the workpiece to remove material resulting in the desired form. Broaching gears is an efficient, precise way to machine internal gears.

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What is Broaching?

A metalworking technique used to shape metal parts, broaching offers a number of advantages over other methods for both small and large volume applications.

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Advantages of Broaching

Ideal for high volume applications that require precision machining, broaching is an efficient metalworking technique for shaping metal parts.

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Worm Gearbox | Compact and Affordable Small Worm Gearbox | Torque

Because worm gearboxes offer high ratio speed reduction in a small package, they are a popular speed reducer solution. When making a worm gearbox selection, it is important to keep both your application and project specifications in mind.

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What is a Reduction Gearbox | Torque Transmission

A reduction gearboxes, or speed reducer, is used to reduce the speed of the input, from the motor, while also multiplying the torque the input creates.

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Timing Belt Drive Design Decisions

From construction material to pitch diameter and ratio, timing belt and pulley design requires a number of decisions to make sure you get the perfect pulley for your application.

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