About the SW-5 Worm Gear Speed Reducer


Performance Specifications
Gear Ratio 5:1 9:1 18:1 25:1 36:1 50:1 100:1
Rated Input
Hp at 1800 rpm
2.12 0.98 0.51 0.36 0.30 0.23 0.08
Rated Output
Torque lbs-inch
358 290 283 258 283 283 283


Input/Output Configurations
Double Input Shaft 1/2 Dia Solid Shaft 0.500 +.000/-.001 Tol
Single Output Shaft Solid 5/8 Dia .625/.624 Tol
  Hollow ¾ ID .751/.754 Tol
Input Shaft Bearings Sealed Ball Bearings
Output Shaft Bearings Sintered Bronze


General Specifications
Lubrication Grease
Weight 1.75 Lbs (0.8 Kg)
SW-5H Dimension Chart Click Here for SW-5H Dimension Chart
SW-5S Dimension Chart Click Here for SW-5S Dimension Chart
SW-5 Mounting Configuration Chart Click Here for SW-5 Mounting Configuration Chart
Download 3D Drawing SW-5 Click Here for 3D Drawing SW-5


SW-5S with Solid Output Shaft, SW-5H with Hollow Output Shaft
  • Rugged Housing: Compression-molded glass-fill polyester
  • Compact Size and light weight
  • Ratios Available: from 5:1 to 100:1
  • Lubrication: Supplied factory lubricated with grease
  • Custom options available




Model SW-5H (Hollow Shaft) Speed Reducer Detailed Drawing 

Right Angle Speed Reducers, SWB-5S

Model SW-5S (Solid Shaft) Speed Reducer Detailed Drawing

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