Compact Worm Gear Reducer Reduces Component Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

For companies looking for a compact worm gear reducer often the choice comes down to costly solutions with features that aren’t necessary or sacrificing needed features for a budget-friendly solution. Custom solutions can simply be too costly or time-consuming to be a real option.


However, Torque Transmission’s “built for purpose” engineering and manufacturing philosophy ensures that you don’t over pay for unneeded features. Our manufacturing philosophy means that custom solutions are not only affordable but also timely and straight forward to manufacture.

This philosophy is one of the reasons that a well-known overhead door manufacturer came to us when they needed a small right angle 20:1 worm gear reducer for a very low torque requirement at a low RPM.

The Specifications that Made this Compact Worm Gear Reducer Troublesome

The manufacturer needed a worm gear reducer that was corrosion resistant and compact. The compact worm gear reducer also had to be economical, in line with the amount of work it would do. The world is full of well-designed, high capacity worm gear reducers at premium prices, but that is not what the customer wanted or needed.

Right Angle Gearboxes

An Affordable Solution

Torque Transmission was able to provide a right angle gear reducer to meet the low torque requirements at a price the customer was willing to pay. By employing injected molded housing, aluminum shafting, rolled worm, simple gear design, and Delrin bearing journals, Torque Transmission delivered the performance the customer needed with a USA made solution without upfront design costs or special tooling.

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If you have a low torque requirement, talk to us. We may have a solution that meets your expectations for less than other alternatives.

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This post was published on October 31, 2017 and updated on January 17, 2023.

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