Designing Fractional Drive Components with Our Customers

multi_groove_pulleys.jpgManufacturing Today just published a nice article about our work with our fractional drive components customers and how we work with them to develop the ideal solution for their situation.

The article reviews how we work with customers to determine exact application requirements and understand the client's design process.

“If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our standard product line, let us know because most times we’re able to modify our standard product to fit your needs,” Torque Transmission President John W. Rampe says.

The company supplies components for a range of items in the automotive aftermarket, medical, home health care, industrial and robotics industries. Its products can be found in everything from consumer blenders and garage door openers to fitness equipment, medical equipment, surgical tools and security cameras. “We find our customer base is spread out over multiple industries,” Rampe says. “It’s not just one niche of the marketplace.”

The company used to stock large amounts of standard parts, but in adopting a lean philosophy it realized that inventory was bogging it down. Eliminating most of its inventory enabled the company to  stop producing components that sit unused. “We make today what we need to ship today and tomorrow we make what we need to ship tomorrow,” Rampe says. “It allows us to turn on a dime and meet our customers’ needs immediately.”

“Our ability to use our standard product line and modify it as required to meet the customer’s specifications has given us the ability to be extremely versatile,” Rampe explains.

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This post was published on March 8, 2016 and updated on March 20, 2023.

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