Non Corrosive Roller Chain Sprockets

roller-chains.pngThe Importance of Construction Material

Torque Transmission roller chain sprockets are constructed with a glass reinforced nylon body. Glass reinforced nylon provides the overall design strength and durability, for long service life. However, unlike all metal designs, it is also lightweight and corrosive free. This combination makes this particular roller chain sprocket a reliable, long-lasting option that will stay rust free. 



Solving Real-World Problems

A few years ago, Torque Transmission faced a major challenge in its quest to effectively help Darko Inc., in Twinsburg, Ohio, demonstrate Darko’s latest point-of-purchase display -- Fisher-Price’s GeoTrax train system.

Darko, a leader in the development and production of point-of-purchase displays, interactivity and integration, custom fixtures, in-store environments and store re-imaging, designed the display to have the GeoTrax train move back and forth on a straight section of track using an infrared controller. 

Logistics became an issue as the display was constructed, preventing Darko from using the controller. Darko needed to create a mechanical device that mimicked the function of the controller. 

Torque Transmission provided the perfect solution – it's roller chain sprockets proved to be an ideal match to mimic the action of the controller. “Part of what we do is provide value by simplicity. With this part, we did not have to do special engineering or tooling to create a new product. Had we done so, the cost to Darko probably would have doubled. The value here lies in the fact that it was a simple sprocket modified by a clutch – and it worked perfectly for what Darko needed,” commented Dan Fullum of Torque Transmission's engineering department.

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This post was published on December 7, 2016 and updated on January 17, 2023.

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