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fractional hp pulleysNo matter what kind of pulley is right for a given application, there are a couple of things that must always be considered. First and foremost, the pulley must be able to perform the given job. A cost-effective solution that can also offer advantages like noise reduction and shock resistance is preferable. All Torque Transmission pulleys meet these standards, while also offering a longer life, chemical resistance, lightweight solution. Check out the four basic types of fractional HP pulleys offered by Torque Transmission below.

Timing Pulleys

There is a wide range of standard timing pulleys available, but efficient power transmission if key to all types of timing pulleys. Torque Transmission timing pulleys are manufactured with metal inserts to offer the lightweight advantages of plastic along with the advantages of a metal-to-metal connection at the hub. The use of lightweight plastic for the pulleys in combination with the metal insert yields a high strength-to-weight ratio and low inertia.

Multi-V Pulleys

Multi-v, and multi-ribbed, pulleys utilize a multi-ribbed belt to achieve better performance. Multi-Rib belts, like the Poly V® and Multi V®, feature lengthwise groove and provide superb drive by adhesion. Compared with conventional belts of the same width, Multi-Rib belts optimize the contact area, giving you increased power transfer. A thin cross section profile allows for use with smaller pulleys than standard V-belts. Drive widths can be reduced because there is increased surface engagement allowing for increased horsepower per inch of belt width compared to standard V-belts.

Variable Speed

Variable speed pulleys combine the strength and cost advantages of glass reinforced nylon and steel hubs with the wear resistance of steel-clad flanges. Speed range is infinitely variable within standard ratio limits. Designed for belt sizes from 1/4" V to 5/8" V and horsepower ratings from 1/12 HP to 1.0 HP, they are engineered to offer an economical alternative for many applications that may not require the expense of AC/DC variable speed motors and drives.

Round Belt

These high quality and rugged pulleys are engineered for industries where high strength to weight ratios and quiet operation are required. The round belt pulleys offered by Torque Transmission are specially designed for low and fractional horsepower drives.

This post was published on March 28, 2018 and updated on August 11, 2023.

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