Hobbyist Uses Right Angle Miter Gearbox to Build Drill Powered Bike

right-angle-miter-gearboxTorque Transmission is used to dealing with manufactures from all over the world, working with them to create custom solutions and providing cost-effective components. It's not often that we get to share a story from an individual customer using our components, and we've never had the opportunity to share a story quite like this before.

We recently ran across this article from Make Magazine about a Florida man who created his very own drill powered mini electric bike to help make ice and beer runs from his tugboat to the marina.

His search for a right-angle gearbox to allow the center-mounted drill to drive the rear wheel eventually led him to Torque Transmission. To read more about the drill-powered bike, and to get the instructions for building your own, click here.

The right- angle gearbox used in the project was the Torque Transmission RAB-1 right angle miter gearbox. The RAB-1 offer customers a couple of great benefits. First, the RAB-1 has a longer service life with less wear. Second, the RAB-1 has greater tooth-to-tooth contact and quieter operation. Best of all, it has the most efficient power transfer design under rated load conditions.

Custom features include:

Dimensions: right angle miter gear drive is 3-21/32" x 3-15/16" x 1-1/4" deep

40% glass filled polypropylene

Weight: 10 ounces

Shafts: Ground high-tensile steel. Any shaft may be used as a drive.

Gears: Hardened coniflex straight miter gears

Bearings: Hardened steel ball bearings, permanent lubrication

Mounting: Three shaft mounting positions provide versatility in application

Versaitle: Three shaft connections are provided for versatility in application

RAB-1 may be operated CW, CCW or BACK driven

RAB-1 is rated at 1/3 HP at 1800 RPM. Maximum speed is 3000 RPM

Learn more by clicking here.

View our 3D Catalog of the RAB Right Angle Gearbox


This post was published on September 18, 2014 and updated on March 20, 2023.

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