Low Cost Gearbox

low cost gearboxWhy Pay for More Than You Need?

In today’s market it is necessary to deliver the best value we can, but it is important to not deliver more than the customer needs or is willing to pay for.

For example, why pay the cost for a heavy-duty gearbox for a light-duty application when Torque Transmission can give you what you need at the price your customer is willing to pay.

Torque Transmission’s “built for purpose” engineering and manufacturing philosophy ensures that you don’t over pay for unneeded features.  We have helped many of our customers reduce their gearbox costs by 60% while still meeting their performance expectations.

Finding the Right Solution for Every Customer 

One of our customers, a door manufacturer, needed a small right angle 30:1 worm gear reducer for a very low torque requirement at a low RPM.

The problem was that they need it to be corrosion resistant, compact, and economical, in line with amount of work it will do.  The world is full of well designed hi capacity worm gear reducers at high prices, but not what the customer wants or needs.

The solution was a reducer designed to meet the low torque requirements at a price the customer wanted to pay.  Injection molded nylon housing, aluminum shafting, rolled worm,  simple gear design, plastic bearing journals – presto a reducer that meets all the requirements and price as well. The customer was able to get the light weight, corrosion proof gear box they needed at a price that fit their customers budgets.

Contact Torque Transmission today so that we can find a low cost gearbox solution that meets your needs and your budget. 

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This post was published on July 2, 2014 and updated on January 17, 2023.

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