Low Cost Gearboxes Open Doors for Cornell Iron Works

worm-gear-reducer-sw1hThe Challenge

Cornell Iron Works, located in northeastern Pennsylvania has been a Torque Transmission customer for almost 20 years. Cornell manufactures a complete line of safe and secure Overhead Door and Closure Products including rolling (coiling) doors, fire rated door systems, counter doors (shutters), security grilles and side folding accordion products for emergency response, code compliance, access control, security and environmental separation.

The company uses Torque Transmission SW-1 gearboxes in manual crank roll door applications. These are commonly found in cafeterias, shopping malls and loading docks.

Cornell was receiving Torque Transmission’s SW-1 gearbox and modifying it to fit their needs. The labor and production costs for Cornell to make these modifications internally were high and, did not fit with Cornell’s core business.  Torque was presented with the challenge to find a lower cost alternative to the modifications Cornell was performing internally and to supply a  SW-1 low cost gearbox that fit their application right out of the box.

Modifications Cornell Iron Works was Making to Standard Products

  • Disassemble and discard gearbox-mounting brackets
  • Manufactured and added an extended shaft, shaft adapters onto our existing input shaft, to support an eyehook for manual crankshaft

The Solution

In order to meet Cornell's challenges, Torque Transmission changed the internal diameter dimension of hollow input shaft to their specifications and incorporated a one piece extended shaft with eyehook. They also eliminated the mounting brackets and included longer mounting bolts for ease of assembly to roller door unit.

The Value to the Customer

  • Ready for integration into Cornell Iron Work’s product right out of the box
  • No secondary work; reduction in Cornell Iron Work’s production and labor cost
  • Improved quality and customer satisfaction 

Value was added to the product by eliminating Cornell Iron Work’s internal modifications and therefore making the Torque Transmission SW-1 “assembly line ready.”

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This post was published on July 29, 2014 and updated on February 21, 2023.

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