Metric Timing Pulley

Torque Transmission offers three types of metric timing pulleys: 3 mm pitch HTD, 5mm pitch HTD, and 8 mm pitch HTD. All three types of pulleys are precision, injection molded and glass reinforced. This design offers efficient power transmission without slip or backlash.

metric timing pulleyThe Pulley Design

Our metric timing pulleys are fabricated from nylon with metal inserts for reinforcement, which takes advantage of the lightweight properties of nylon while gaining the advantages of a metal-to-metal connection at the hub and shaft. All three pulleys also offer a high strength-to-weight ration and low inertia because of their unique design.

Features of the Metric Timing Pulley

Torque Transmission's Metric Pitch HTD Timing Pulleys are injection molded to rigid standards for true design pitch, giving you the precision you need. They offer a number of valuable features, including:

  • Pulleys are available in Standard, Metric and D-bore sizes
  • Flanges: one, two, or no flanges
  • Plastic or metal hubs
  • Setscrews & Keyways
  • Wide selection of ratios to fit your requirements
  • Timing Pulleys also available in 3/8" L pitch, and 1/5" XL pitch
  • Made In USA
  • Custom Design Timing Pulley

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This post was published on May 13, 2014 and updated on August 26, 2014.

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