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Multi-ribbed pulleys are molded to tight tolerances to keep concentricity nearly perfect and are found in a number of industries and applications.


Where to Find Multi Ribbed Pulleys

muti-ribbed nylon pulleys

From high-speed machine tools to office equipment, multi rib belt pulleys are used for a wide range of hardworking applications. Some of the most common uses for multi rib belt pulleys include applications like polishers, fans, dryers, pumps, mixers, dispensers, atomizers, compressors, microwave ovens, display components, and chair lifts.

However, no matter the application durability and long service life are cornerstones of multi rib belt pulleys.

Multi-Ribbed Pulley Advantages

multi-groove-pulleysMulti ribbed pulleys are designed with a couple of advantages that make them ideal for the wide range of jobs they perform. For instance, they provide greater belt rib to pulley groove contact resulting in higher torque transmission in a smaller space. This means that the power range for each rib engaged can range from a few hundredths of a horsepower up to 1.7 hp per rib.

Multi rib belt pulleys also offer users a broad range of speed ratios up to 60:1 and a high rpm drive. This means that they have greater flexibility than V-Belts, smaller diameter drive and driven pulleys.  Additionally, multi rib belt pulleys have a short center distance, and several belts can ride on a single custom-sized pulley.

Drives with 4, 6, or 10 ribs are popular industry standards.

Advantages of Nylon Construction

Our multi ribbed pulleys are constructed with glass reinforced nylon. Nylon as an engineered material offers many advantages over other pulley material options. Nylon is half the weight of aluminum and one-seventh the weight of steel. That translates into quicker starts, stops, and reverse actions.  Nylon pulleys also cost, on average, 25-50% less than aluminum pulleys in volume quantities.

Nylon pulleys also offer significant strength advantages. 6/12 Nylon has a flexural strength of 32,000 psi and tensile strength of 22,000 psi.  Nylon pulleys are 33% glass reinforced, meaning they handle shocks, overloads, high speeds, and continuous use. 

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How to Select a Multi-Ribbed Pulley Supplier

This post was published on June 6, 2018 and updated on August 11, 2023.

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