Timing Pulleys and Right Angle Gearboxes Requiring a Low Magnetic Signature

Magnetic fields are all around us and a large range of research and diagnostic equipment is susceptible to magnetic interference caused by changes in the frequencies. Laboratories with electron microscopes or bio medical equipment such as EKG equipment, Ultra Sound scanning systems, and MRI imaging systems all require minimum magnetic interference. Even high precision robotic systems will experience problems with elevated magnetic signatures. These types of machines and other machines existing in the same space as these may require power transmission and motion control. The problem becomes how to design a drive system that will not interfere with the magnetic currents.

TorqueLogo.jpgThe simplest solution is to change the materials used in the drive system. If your drive system is using timing pulleys as integral components, Torque Transmission’s timing pulleys are a perfect fit. Two options that we offer for a zero magnetic signature timing pulley are all nylon timing pulleys or nylon timing pulleys with a stainless steel insert. Your application and design needs will determine which the best fit is.

Your drive system may incorporate a right angle gearbox or a speed reducer. Torque Transmission is able to produce a low magnetic signature gearbox for your project which utilizes stainless steel materials where possible. While stainless steel is not impermeable to magnetic frequencies, it is very nearly so, and considered a non-magnetic material for almost all applications.

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This post was published on April 19, 2016 and updated on April 19, 2016.

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