Thrust Bearing Contributes to Success of the F4 Filter Cleaner

To Peter Barrett, patience is a virtue. By virtue of his patience, Peter Barrett, President of Cleveland-based Tornado Manufacturing Ltd., and his partner Thomas Neighbors developed the only patented method to clean wet-dry shop vacuum filters – the F4 Filter Cleaner.

“While building kitchen cabinets we had destroyed several wet/dry vacuum filters and found there was no effective way to clean them” said Barrett, a former project engineer customer service manager for a machine tool builder. “I had this idea to effectively cleaning wet-dry vacuum filter, saw an opportunity and I thought it was worth pursuing.”

thrust-bearingAfter years of designing and testing the F4 Filter Cleaner, Peter discovered that a thrust bearing was a key component in the proper function of his design. Finding the right thrust bearing proved to be quite a challenge for Peter. After thoroughly researching thrust bearings on the Internet, Mr. Barrett learned about Torque Transmission and its TB-056 9/16-inch carbon steel thrust bearing. What Torque Transmission had in store was the missing link to Peter’s design.


It was during his online research that he found Torque Transmission and its TB-056 thrust bearing. Gary Rusnak of Torque Transmission’s marketing department, said Torque Transmission’s thrust bearing was the ideal fit for the F4 Filter Cleaner.

“Peter came to us and we wanted to be of assistance to him,” Rusnak said. “His case is unique in that we really didn’t have to design something special for him. We had the part already available and in stock for him to use.”

The application of Torque Transmission’s TB-056 thrust bearing was the moment Mr. Barrett had waited nearly three years to bring to fruition. No longer do you have to destroy your wet-dry shop vacuum filters.

The F4 Filter Cleaner allows for the reuse of the same expensive filters again and again – with a clean so thorough they appear nearly new again. The F4 Filter Cleaner works on all major brands of wet-dry shop vacuum systems and with virtually no mess extracts drywall dust, sawdust and dirt without damaging the filter.


Mr. Barrett worked up several specifications for thrust bearings during the design phase, but most were too cost prohibitive. He then began to seek alternatives and discovered that Torque Transmission’s TB-056 thrust bearing was the perfect fit and a real value to his bottom line.

Rusnak said Torque Transmission was pleased to be able to help another local company with a solution to a problem. By helping Peter to keep his costs low, Torque Transmission enabled him to experience tremendous cost savings.

 “From a functionality standpoint, we had what he needed”  Rusnak said, “As a result, his price point is ideal for his product, his product is inexpensive, it is well-made, and he sells it for a very good price.”

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This post was published on August 18, 2014 and updated on February 29, 2020.

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