Torque L Series Nylon Pulleys Go 158 mph, Beat That!

Bill Woods and his Sodium Distortion motorcycle building buddies are not the run of the mill hobbyists. They want to go as fast or faster than anyone ever has on a 500cc motorcycle and when they and about 175 others gather at the Bonneville Speed Flats they get to find out who really is the fastest. When you want an a bike to go fast and an engine to turn at very high RPMs then you need to very best parts available, so Bill turned to Torque Transmission for L Series timing pulleys.

l series pulleys"We use pulleys to drive a supercharger on the motorcycle.  The first nylon pulleys we got from Torque Transmission were used with a speed increaser to jump the RPM's from 7,0000 to about 42,000 RPM an the pulleys worked very well.  We have used the nylon L Series pulleys to go to 63,000 RPM but had a catastrophic failure due to timing belt disintegration.  

We have used aluminum pulleys but found that they would fail above 40,000 rpm where as the nylon pulley showed no ill effects.  The aluminum pulley teeth would begin to “melt” or wear off at those speeds.  We found that the nylon pulleys would dissipate the heat very well.  The nylon pulleys outlast the belts" said Bill Woods.

These guys have a great story, so great in fact that there is a movie called 'Out of Nothing' coming out soon about their exploits. Check it out below.

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This post was published on November 18, 2014 and updated on May 8, 2015.

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