Torque Transmission Educating Future Manufacturers

John_Sr_Portrait.jpgWe recently spent time with John N Rampe, CEO of Torque Transmission, and discussed his involvement with local education.

John is the chair of the Alliance for Working Together Foundation’s Education Committee. Creating awareness of careers in manufacturing is one of the pillars of the AWT and John has had the opportunity to work with several local Lake County schools.

 Q: What do you see as our role in education as an industry?

A: We need to create awareness of the great opportunities for a career in manufacturing, but also help young people learn how to be productive employees and citizens. Our industry needs people with skills and a high school diploma isn’t enough anymore. Although college is not right for all people, being educated in some way is more crucial now than ever before and there are so many different options available to students. Every student, regardless of level of education, must learn marketable skills.

Q: Which schools have you worked with?

A: We’ve done a lot with Auburn Career Center and Lakeland Community College as well as Painesville’s Harvey High School. Most recently I’ve been asked to be on the advisory board at Wickliffe High School.

Q: Are you trying to reach high school students or college students or both?

A: High school students are our prime target, however we also have programs for students in middle school.

Q: Do you see a stigma of manufacturing being a “dirty job” as an obstacle?

A: No I think there’s less of a stigma and more of a lack of awareness. Manufacturing jobs are one of the best kept secrets and we need to continue striving towards awareness in young people of the opportunities.

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This post was published on June 2, 2016 and updated on June 2, 2016.

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