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A reduction gearboxes, or speed reducer, is used to reduce the speed of the input, from the motor, while also multiplying the torque the input creates.

Reduction Gearbox - Gearbox Reducer/Reducer Gearbox ProductsWhat is a Reduction Gearbox?

Some reduction gearboxes are as simple as a gear train between the motor and the machinery, but regardless of complexity the decrease is possible because the output gear has more teeth than the input gear allowing the output gear to rotate more slowly, reducing the speed, and increasing torque. The speed of the input can be controlled with a speed reducer so that the output is the correct speed and torque.

Choosing the Right Speed Reducer

Finding the right speed reducer for your application is essential to ensure performance. We offer a free checklist, the Speed Reducer Buying Checklist, that will guide you through the process of matching your application requirements with the information needed to allow your supplier to turn it into reality. 

This guide will help you determine gear speed reducer:

  • Reduction Gearbox - Gearbox Reducer/Reducer Gearbox Product From Torque TransmissionApplications specific details
  • Speed and duty cycle
  • Shock and loading impact on service factor
  • I/O requirements
  • Housing details

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Torque Transmission has a right angle gearbox and speed reducer to fit your needs. If we don't, we'll modify or custom design a speed reducer for your application.

Download the Speed Reducer Buying Checklist

This post was published on October 23, 2018 and updated on August 9, 2023.

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