What is the Rating of Torque’s Nylon Timing Pulleys?

One question we hear frequently is “What is the torque rating of your pulleys?” We understand when creating a design and configuring the drive system, customers need to know all the facts. Understanding the speed, loading, and torque are each important parts of the planning process. The simple answer to this common question: Check your belt's torque and RPM rating.

8mm-timing-belt-pulleys.jpgOur nylon timing pulleys are only one component of a drive system. They are each designed to match a specific timing belt. Each timing belt is rated for a range of speed (RPM) and horsepower. Once you have selected the timing belt which best meets your requirements, you can be assured our timing pulleys match the rating of the belt they are designed to fit. 

What timing pulleys are available?

We offer a wide range of available timing pulleys to meet most application needs. Our standard timing pulleys include:

XL 1/5" pitch timing belt pulleys

L 3/8" pitch timing belt pulleys

3mm HTD Timing Pulley

5mm HTD Timing Pulley

8mm HTD Timing Pulley

Powergrip GT2 Timing Pulley

Are custom timing pulleys an option?

Following the correct belt selection process is essential, but we do understand that sometimes a standard pulley just isn’t the right fit. That is why we offer custom timing belt pulleys. We can help you design, prototype, and manufacturing a custom timing pulley to meet your applications specific needs.

Our custom pulleys, like our standard timing pulleys, are manufactured with the highest quality molded, high strength, glass reinforced nylon. Nylon pulleys are lightweight, cost effective, and strong with long service life and quiet operation.

When in doubt, please contact us via email or phone. Our customer care and engineering departments are here to assist you. We welcome the opportunity to help turn your idea into reality. 

Download the Timing Pulley Checklist

This post was published on April 12, 2016 and updated on April 12, 2016.

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