Why Custom Components from Torque Transmission Makes Sense

custom mechanical drive componentsFor many manufacturers custom components, including mechanical drive components, just don't make much sense. Custom usually means special tooling, manufacturing, and processes and all of that adds up. Which usually mean that custom isn't a good deal for the manufacturer or the client. However, sometimes the only real solution is a custom solution. So why custom?

First off, a custom component will meet all the specifications. This is why a custom solution is so crucial for many applications. Where a standard component can't meet all of the applications needs, a custom solution can.

The second reason why custom is because, despite the popular opinion of custom, a custom component may be more economical. Simply put, you pay for what you need. Why pay for more if you don’t need it. But this begs the question...

How do we make custom standard

We have developed a style of niche manufacturing that makes custom affordable and standard.

Step one, we utilize engineering to assist in arriving at the optimal design both in price and performance.

Step two, we have a standard delivery time:

  • Torque Transmission ships standard components 1 day to 3 weeks
  • Torque Transmission ships custom components in 1 week to 3 weeks

The first production run takes 6 to 10 weeks and all further orders take one to three weeks, same as standard.

Step three is simplicity:

One part number only, a 5 digit Torque Transmission part number or your part number defines the part totally.

Once designed we will have complete manufacturing drawings, production tooling made, and engineering master that details material, job steps, manufacturing procedures, and inspection criteria.

With this process in place, we have made custom standard and cost-effective.

Learn more about our unique style of manufacturing here

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This post was published on September 30, 2014 and updated on November 17, 2023.

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