What is a Speed Reducer ? How does a Speed Reducer work ?


What is a Speed Reducer?

Speed reducers are fairly simple pieces of machinery. A speed reducer is simply a gear train between the motor and the machinery that is used to reduce the speed with which power is transmitted. Speed reducers, also called gear reducers, are mechanical gadgets by and large utilized for two purposes. Gear reducers essential use is to duplicate the measure of torque produced by an information power source to expand the measure of usable work.


What do Speed Reducers Do?

Speed reducers primarily serve two functions. First, they take the torque created by the power source (the input) and multiply it. Second, speed reducers, much as the name implies, reduce the speed of the input so that the output is the correct speed.

speed reducer from torque

How does a speed reducer increase the torque while decreasing the speed? The output gear of a speed reducer has more teeth than the input gear. So, while the output gear might rotate more slowly, reducing the speed of the input, the torque is increased.

So, to sum up, they take an input power source and increase the torque while decreasing the speed.

Speed reducers come in many shapes and sizes, but some of the most commonly found speed reducers are gearboxes.

Need a Hand Selecting a Speed Reducer?

The type orgear speed reducer, gearbox model of speed reducer which is right for your application will be determined by the application and project specification. However, we recently published a guide designed to help you navigate the world of speed reducers and speed reducer suppliers. This free download will guide you through the ten most important aspects of selecting a worm gear speed reducer supplier, and also a speed reducer. In the guide, you will find:

  • Buy from the manufacturer or from distribution?
  • How to set quality standards
  • Determining product specifications
  • What makes up the cost of a gearbox
  • What is a reasonable lead-time?
  • Design process
  • Quoting
  • Testing
  • Formal drawing process and the final quote
  • Approval and purchase orders

The How to Select a Gearbox Supplier Guide will allow you to confidently select a supplier and work your way through the ordering process.

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