What are Roller Chain Sprockets?

One of the questions we’ve run into from time to time is, “What are chain sprockets (or roller chain sprockets)?” Roller chain sprockets are, simply put, any wheel with teeth that mesh with a chain, although sometimes they are also run in conjunction with a track or other perforated material. Not to be confused with gears, a roller chain sprocket never mesh directly with other sprockets.

roller-chain-sprockets.jpgPerhaps the most easily recognizable roller chain sprockets are those used in bicycle chains. Roller chain sprockets are also used in many types of machinery, however, like vehicles, motorcycles, and tracked systems.

Roller Chain Sprocket Advantages

Our roller chain sprockets are manufactured with high-quality aluminum hubs. This lends their design durability and strength. The body of our roller chain sprockets is manufactured with glass reinforced nylon.

Glass reinforced nylon offers a number of material advantages that contribute to the overall durability of our sprockets design. Nylon is not only self-lubricating but also rust resistant. Nylon is also lightweight and durability.

Together, aluminum and nylon, combine to create an extremely durable design that offers users a long service life. All of these advantages, along with the affordability of nylon, make this one of the most efficient and cost-effective roller chain sprockets on the market.

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This post was published on June 15, 2017 and updated on February 21, 2023.

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