Metal Multi Ribbed Pulleys - H, J, K, and L

Micro V® and Poly V®

Materials: Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Nylon with metal inserts
Rib Profiles: H, J, K, and L Pitch, Poly-V® and Micro-V®
Grooves: 2 to 30
ID: Standard bores in inch and metric
(metric equivalent available for all profiles)
H Profile: 0.50" Min to 5"
J Profile: 0.80" Min to 5"
K Profile: 1.50" Min to 5"


H Profile Multi Ribbed Pulley J Profile Multi Ribbed Pulley k Profile Multi Ribbed Pulley


Custom Metal Multi Ribbed pulleys with a 2” diameter or less are machined from aluminum for long life and dependable service. For larger volume orders, we can mold and machine custom options.

Compared to similar pulleys, Multi Ribbed pulleys offer smoother running and can run at higher speeds thanks to their multi ribbed design. This design also offers low inertia.

Multi Ribbed Pulley Applications:

  • Conveyors
  • Auto aftermarket
  • CNC machines
  • CMM coordinate measuring machines
  • Any application that requires a belt

You may not know exactly what your design requires at this point, but you can draw upon our experience to assist you in the selection process. First, we'll review some basic requirements, then we can agree on a design and proceed with the quotation process.

Designing the Perfect Pulley

Because Multi Ribbed pulleys are most often used to replace a pulley that has failed within an existing system, most of the Multi Ribbed pulleys we sell are custom designed to meet individual specifications. We suggest downloading and completing the Multi-Groove Pulley Buying Checklist before you order. This resource will guide you through collecting the information necessary to ensuring the pulley you order will meet your needs.

The checklist includes information on and instruction for determining:

  • Application information

  • Drive vs Driven

  • Belt type

  • Pulley specs

  • Hub

  • Bore

  • Insert

  • Keyway

  • D-Bore measurements

  • Set screw

  • Flange

All profiles available in equivalent metric dimensions. Consult the factory to discuss diameters larger than 10" or 250mm.

Poly V® is a registered trademark of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Micro V® is a registered trademark of Gates Rubber Company


Download the Multi-Ribbed Pulley Purchasing Checklst
Custom Multi Ribbed Pulleys

Poly V Pulley Profile for "H, J, K, and L" Belts.

Customer will define the belt width (number of ribs) and pulley diameter.

Standard Tolerances for Bore Sizes, Keyways and Setscrews

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