GT3 High Torque Timing Belt Pulleys

The Powergrip GT3 is the latest generation of the Gates curvilinear belt designs, beginning with the HTD tooth profile and replacing the GT2 Belt Drive System. The improved design offers superior load capacity, and the modified curvilinear tooth design improves positioning accuracy. The GT3 can transmit a higher torque load per centimeter width of the belt.

They’re characterized by a precise tooth profile and engineered to facilitate the smooth and efficient power transfer between the pulley and belt. The GT3 is ideally suited for demanding, high-performance applications like robotics, automated systems, and power tools.

timing belt pulleys

GT3 Timing Belt Pulleys: The Benefits

The benefits of these pulleys are as follow...

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Our GT timing belt pulleys are molded glass-reinforced nylon with metal hubs, making them lightweight and strong.

Low Cost

Switching to a molded nylon timing puller from a machined metal pulley can save you as much as 40%.

Custom Solutions

If we don’t have a timing belt pulley that satisfies your specific needs, we can build a custom design pulley made expressly for your unique application. Once designed, it is standard pricing.

Made in America

All our products are made in Ohio.

GT3 Timing Belt Pulleys: The Applications

GT Timing Belt Pulleys are used in a variety of industrial applications:

  • Robotics

  • Lab and office equipment

  • Food Processing

  • Packaging

  • Manufacturing and Industrial

  • Small machine tools

  • Medical equipment

  • Power transmission

  • Food Processing

Find the Right Timing Belt Pulley Solution

As a design engineer, you must find the right fit for your power transmission requirements. For decades, Torque Transmission has delivered proven results for rigid, custom-designed drives for the OEM manufacturer.

Whatever your needs or applications, we can help you find a solution that satisfies your requirements.

Our policy is to manufacture a timing belt pulley that is complete, requiring no secondary work on the part of our customer to make it work in their application.

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