How to Select a Gearbox Supplier

What goes into the cost of a gearbox? How do you know if a standard or a custom gearbox is best? What is a reasonable lead time? There are so many questions you need to consider when selecting your gearbox supplier.

gear-speed-reducer-1-1.pngA supplier is the gatekeeper of gearbox options, features, and custom design so choosing a supplier is a critical step in selecting the more efficient gearbox for your application.  We’ve created a free guide to help you navigate this important process.

From your first step (deciding between a manufacture or a distributor) to the last considerations in the process (a purchase order) this download will help you navigate all of the ins and outs of selecting a gearbox supplier.

What can you expect to find in the guide?

This guide covers ten of the most important aspects of selecting a gearbox supplier, including:

  • Buy from the manufacturer or from distribution?
  • How to set quality standards
  • Determining product specifications
  • What makes up the cost of a gearbox
  • What is a reasonable lead-time?
  • Design process
  • Quoting
  • Testing
  • Formal drawing process and the final quote
  • Approval and purchase orders

The How to Select a Gearbox Supplier guide will allow you to confidently select a supplier and work your way through the ordering process.

Click here for your free copy of the guide or on the Download Now button below!

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Download How to Select a Gearbox Supplier

This post was published on May 23, 2017 and updated on March 20, 2023.

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