Our Thrust Bearings Have a New Color!

We’re excited to announce a change is coming to our line of thrust bearings.

thrust-bearings-2018 (1).jpgNew Natural Colored Bearings 

We are phasing in a new, natural color thrust bearing retainer and phasing-out the red stainless steel retainer you are familiar with. 

Same Quality. New Color 

The same quality remains as we phase-in the new natural color. That means that regardless of color, our thrust bearings are still manufactured from high-grade steel balls and nylon. Users will still get the benefits of self-lubricating nylon, reduced friction and noise, and the durability of high-grade steel balls.

While the color will be changing, we assure you that these are in every other way the same thrust bearings you are familiar with.

More Natural Colored Bearings are Coming Your Way 

As we phase the new natural color bearings in and phase-out red stainless steel bearings, you may see a mix of colors in your orders. There is no quality or performance difference between the two colors, so please be patient with the mix of colors as we phase-in the new natural color.

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This post was published on January 24, 2018 and updated on February 21, 2023.

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