Rugged V-Belt Pulleys

round-belt-pulleys2.jpgV-Belt pulleys are work horses. Often found in applications where high strength to weight ratios are required, these pulleys need to be rugged and durable to provide optimal operation.

Our rugged V-Belt pulleys are specifically designed for low and fractional horsepower drives, featuring quiet operation and an exceptional service life.

Common Applications

V-Belt pulleys are a versatile pulley solution, often found in:

  • Lathes
  • Light-duty milling machines
  • Drills
  • Power tools

Some applications, however, are best suited by a custom solution. A non-standard V-Belt pulley or round belt pulley might be the best option for some applications and the process of designing a non-standard solution is easier than you might think!

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Torque Transmission manufactures Thrust Bearings, Pulleys, Right Angle Gear Boxes & Speed Reducers and Roller Chain Sprockets in standard and custom sizes. Our product line is designed to provide our customers a comprehensive solution for fractional horsepower motion control and variable speed transmission applications.

We draw upon decades of design and manufacturing experience to modify or customize any of our products to meet your specific application, quickly and economically. Our in-house design capabilities, tooling and manufacturing expertise allow us to respond quickly and to be your single-source supplier.

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This post was published on September 27, 2016 and updated on September 27, 2016.

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