V Belt Pulley Material

Especially designed for low and fractional horsepower drives, v belt pulley construction material plays a significant part in the function of the pulley.

round-belt-pulleys2.jpgV belt pulleys are often found in low inertia drives, like those used in motion control applications, where the strength to weight ratio is of particular importance. The goal is to achieve as much available strength, without adding bulk to the pulley, as possible. This is why construction material plays such an important role.

The V belt pulley material must be able to meet the demands of the application while keeping weight restrictions in mind. Often the best way to achieve this balance is a combination of nylon an aluminum.

Our v belt pulleys, for instance, are manufactured with both machined aluminum hubs (for the greatest possible strength) and molded, glass reinforced nylon (which keeps the overall weight of the pulley down). This combination of construction materials results in a lightweight pulley with low inertia and lower energy requirements than a comparable all aluminum pulley.

Other hub construction materials can include steel and stainless steel for even more demanding applications, but the use of steel must be balanced against weight constraints. The option, however, is available which makes v belt pulleys versatile.

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