Using Nylon Pulleys for Static-Electric Sensitive Applications

Answering customers’ needs for static-neutralizing products, Torque Transmission manufactures a line of pulleys and accessories specifically designed and manufactured for static-sensitive applications.

Static Electricity in the Field 

pulleysStatic electricity is a function of high-speed mechanical motion, atmospheric conditions, or location in an electrical field and builds up on surfaces of metal, alloys, plastics, fiberglass, rubber, and textiles. Static electricity can cause end product loss and downtime in many manufacturing and commercial applications.

It can be deadly in explosive environments where high concentrations of flammable dust, volatile solvents or hydrogen gas is present. In many sensitive manufacturing operations, it only takes a few volts of static electricity to destroy sensitive products, such as computer chips.

Why Use Nylon Pulleys

Nylon is a great insulating material but with additives such as PAN carbon fibers abates static electricity in several ways:

  • Stops electrical charge build-up
  • Dissipates charges from high-speed motion
  • Provides a grounding path
  • Prevents discharge to and from human contact
  • Provides additional structural strength

The use of plastics in the manufacture of mechanical components has come a long way in the last few decades. New additives blended into resins, such as nylon, have greatly enhanced the performance, versatility, and value of timing pulleys and many other similar products. In many applications, nylon is a superior choice over carbon steel or aluminum.

Pulleys “Static electricity is a huge problem in many sensitive manufacturing operations,” explains Torque Transmission President, John Rampe.  “In electronic product manufacturing, only a few volts of static electricity can destroy static-sensitive components, such as computer chips.  Our...line of specially engineered pulleys dissipates the static electricity so that static-related product defects, losses, and downtime are eliminated, ” he added.

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This post was published on April 18, 2017 and updated on February 21, 2023.

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